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Pink Lady And Death

pinky the flamingo

Hey, buddy.

“Don’t you ‘Hey, buddy’ me. What. The. FUCK was that all about?”

The guy beating you to death in front of all the children?

“Yeah. That.”

I got nothing.

“Was it because I’m an immigrant?”

Probably not, although I’m pretty sure this guy would be voting for Trump if he were still allowed to vote.

“I came here for work. The poncho mines had all closed and none of the llama farms were hiring.”

Where are you from again?


I don’t think either of the things you mentioned are associated with Chile.

“I left home so young.”


“And I’m a bird.”


“Look at my head. My beak is larger than my brain. Not smart.”


“I mean, not so dumb that I murdered a flamingo who danced for children, but pretty dumb.”

Yeah, again: sorry.

“Forgive me if I don’t accept your apology immediately.”


You met Harambe yet?

“Ugh. That guy. Internet fame has completely gone to his head.”

Sad to hear.

“He keeps bothering me to do his podcast.”

Everybody’s got one of those.


  1. Huh? Whah? No? I’ve been out in the drive shed most of the day…….I think I’m going to avoid the news tonight.

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