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Plans And Schemes And American Dreams


“Josh, how are my eyes?”

“Good, Bob. Not red at all. Mine?”

“They’ll never know.”




“You’re, uh, not doing it any more?”

“Hand on chin?”

“Yeah. You were doing it last year with me.”

“I know, Bob.”

“You said you had a good time.”

“I did! But I like to keep it loose.”

“Little too loose.”


“Well, you know, Josh: you put no effort into the picture at all. I did hand on chin, and this is my bad shoulder.”

“I thought it was the other one.”

“That’s not the point.”

“Bob, I don’t wanna fight. Let’s have dinner.”

“Will you be able to get the food to your mouth? Seem to have a problem with that movement.”

“You’re obsessed.”

“I thought we had a thing.”

“You think people will notice–”

“Your little checkered bandana, yeah.”

“–my checkered…okay, cool.”


  1. What’s with the necklace?

    • Luther Von Baconson

      December 8, 2016 at 5:45 pm

      Josh heard of ToTD’s Headphone Fiasco, no? Commissioned a Commemorative Necklace depicting the Struggle For Audio Comfort. Made from Re-purposed Cubit Zirconia (as Seen on the Teevee) Rim LugNuts.

  2. Did someone say plans and schemes ?

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