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Play It, Fats

Everyone who thought Fats Domino died years ago raise your hand in the Comment Section.


  1. Hand raised. Every so often there are deaths that prompt me to say “I can’t believe they were still alive.” Fats domino is now the prototype.

  2. Aah they said that after he was rescued from a flooded house after the last big New Orleans flood.
    I remember hearing so many roads the first time in concert at shoreline and being blown away by the blueberry hill line an obvious and powerful emotional memory having heard the fats album so many times.
    Fats roger Miller Elvis j. Cash they created music for the ages.

  3. I knew he wasn’t dead yesterday, but didn’t realize he died earlier today. RIP

  4. Yeah. I, too, remember him being rescued from his house during Katrina and having the same thought then.

  5. God bless Richard Penniman & The Killer. Long may they reign.

  6. I didn’t have a memory of his passing but I would advise against anyone trusting MY memory. I would’ve said “no bet” if there were money involved.

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