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Play Misty For Us

This is sweet, and possibly Bobby’s next job. If you’d like to hear him do his current one, then this is probably the place.

Just don’t ask him to play it in F, at least not at this hour.


  1. Mickey drunk? He’s like an awkward combination of my 7yr old daughter and “that uncle” at a family wedding.

    Interesting video. Bob does lounge pretty well.

  2. Holy god is Mickey obnoxious…they did such a great job taking away his bass drum, snare, and proper sticks, but it’s too bad they failed in their efforts to have him caged for every part of this other than Drums.

  3. nice view tmrw nite < thank you for a real good time summer tour

  4. The nicest thing is that they are having fun with each other. Many days on the road, yet still some laughs at soundcheck.

  5. This stream is brighter..

  6. Also, you would think that a guy who spent 30 years studying the harmonies of McCoy Tyner and applying them to the guitar would maybe play a few chords on a tune like this.

  7. Luther Von Baconson

    July 27, 2016 at 3:15 am

    aww Jeff

  8. was mick offering bob a dollar to stop singing?

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