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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Playing In The Park

SEP 24 1967, SEP 25 1967, JUL 5 1992, AUG 10 1995, JUL 06 1997, SEP 1997, MAY 26 1998 The "Grateful Dead" musical aggregation was one of a half dozen that "expressed hippie" philosophy though music from  temporary bandstand just east of Denver  Museum of Natural History. A portion of the sizable sound system frames musicians. Credit: Denver Post

The road crew had a very simple solution to the problem of Billy running into the amplifiers potato salad-first.

Also: this is about what the Farewell Shoes are going to look like, right? Shirtless rhythm section?

Plus: Billy’s ‘burns.

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  1. If the sound guy took all show photos, all photos would look like this. Nice-looking amps. Is that a band behind them?

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