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Brent Mydland, ca. 1980s.orgSometimes, usually around the end of the tour, Brent would have way too much of this or that and announce into his microphone that he and his B3 were “going to get their fuck on.” He would go at it in a vigorous fashion and sometimes he would yell something about being the Muffin Man.

This behavior would bring the set to a halt, but not as much as one of Brent’s songs.


  1. No, no, no. You may not imply that Brent tunes were set-killers. Leave Brent and his songs be, and go back to heckling Phil, who has more than earned such attention. Starting – for me – with his holier than thou comments in the (I think) CBS interview with the core four on the 10-year anniversary of Jerry’s passing. Some super-pious homily to the effect of “he loved the drugs more than he loved the music…”. Said the guy who could have easily checked out well before Jerry, on account of all the burgundy. Or Heineken, or whatever. Part of the reason why Donor Rap always bugged me a little; super great cause, of that let there be no doubt, but – how about you talk about WHY you needed the transplant, Phil. Anyway, I digress. Brent and his tunes/parts thereof are not to be picked on; was always rooting for a Blow Away, Dear Prudence, Far From Me, The Weight etc; and his harmony on a Jack Straw, Stranger and so forth was just epic. Made a lot of shows for me in the late 80’s; and those shoes remained unfilled.

  2. Teen wolf or sacred cow? I’m confused

  3. It’s actually the younger and impressionable Enthusiasts that revere Brent. Hence his loud ovation at Chicago. There seems to be quite a revisionist history surrounding Mr. Mydland with those who never saw him live. His command of the B3 rocked, no doubt. And I loved his harmonies and grizzled voice on the cover songs but his original material never grabbed me. Good Time Blues was always a song to hit the bathroom. Same with Tons of Steel. And yeah, I Will Take You Home was great the first time I heard it but, man, did that song get old fast. Don’t get me started on We Can Run.

    All said, the man was Dead to the Core. He had talent and moments of beauty, but he also was an angry, bitter guy. In truth, “it’s dark outside but it’s darker within.” As such, he warrants just as much satire as the rest of The Boys.

    I never caught a Easy to Love You, tho. Nice song.

  4. And i quote ToTD “Picasso had his blue period, the Dead had a period that blew”.

  5. Morning Douche

    July 29, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    My favorite “Just a Little Light.”

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