billy wes williamsThe best part of this weekend’s story about Billy sitting in with a band of rock and roll youths to jam out Scarlet Begonias is the part where they didn’t know who he was. How did he get behind the drums? Wacky make-em-ups aside, I am guessing it did not involve violence. The bartender probably told the drummer, and promised him free drinks, to let the old guy play for a bit.

They had to be introduced afterwards!

“Gee, sir: you can really play. What did you say your name was?”

“Billy Kreutzmann.”

“Can you spell that?”


“Wait, I looked him up. Wow, Wes Williams: look at this!”

“THE Bill Kreutzmann?”

“Yup. You guys want some pictures or auto–”

“From Go Ahead with Brent Mydland?”

“Yeah, sure, I did that.”

“Holy shit. And you were in The Trichromes?”

“For a minute, sure. You’re missing the big picture.”

“Wait: Billy of Billy and the Kids!?!”

“You’re burying the lede, Wes.”

“Justin’s dad?”

“Nice meeting you fellows.”