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Poached Legs

jerry hairless 90 summer shorts

It’s like all follicles he was allowed were concentrated solely on his head: I will bet three American dollars and an opened box of oatmeal raisin cookies that you could not tell the difference between Garcia’s calf and a porpoise’s belly through the sense of touch alone.

Also: shorts by Parish’s knife.

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  1. The hairless legs are a result of wearing levis for two decades solid with minimal time out of them. Abrasion causes the leg hair to go, and when that’s not doin’ it, the ladies shave it off when he’s on the nod. Sometimes he gets a good wax, too. ITS JUST JERRY LIVIN LA VIDA LOCO HIPPIE STYLE!

    BTW, JG lookin like he wanna fall ova,no???

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