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Possible Contents Of This Wallet

  • Seven or eight non-active credit cards.
  • Torn-out Bible page with “cold-air balloons?” written on it in blue ballpoint ink
  • Basic Strategy card for Blackjack.
  • Row of blotter the owner has forgotten about.
  • Row of blotter the owner knows of.
  • Emergency rolling papers.
  • An ACLU “Know Your Rights” card.
  • That chick’s phone number, man.
  • Stacy?
  • Tracy?
  • She was a cool chick, man.
  • Long-distance calling card. (80’s Deadhead only.)
  • Stamps and folded paper with important addresses. (70’s Deadhead only.)
  • Draft card. (60’s Deadhead only.)
  • Emergency Benjy.
  • Organ donor card for someone other than the wallet’s owner.
  • Picture of biological family.
  • Picture of tour family.
  • Picture of Lily.
  • Guitar pick Bobby gave the owner when they met at three AM in a Sheraton in Omaha.
  • $26, mostly in singles.


  1. You rock man! You have made a rough year a fair bit more…….I suck at words…..

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    December 22, 2016 at 9:54 am

    99 koldair balloons. guntergleiben glockenschleben.

  3. Or set list to 4-02-91.

  4. My actual wallet.

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