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Possible Forms Of Punishment For Abortion-Ladies When Allfather Trump Ascends To Glory

  • Tickling until tears and vomit.
  • Have to choose peas and carrots as your side dish for every meal thereafter, even if you really want fries.
  • Vaginal confiscation.
  • Six months hard labor building the wall along the Southern border.
  • Trump Water®boarding.
  • Stoning. (And not the kind that many Enthusiasts are inflicting upon themselves as we speak: the shitty kind.)
  • Headshaving in the public square.
  • Asshole sewn closed, fed and fed and fed and fed.
  • Perhaps some sort of marking on their clothing; it should be in a bright and noticeable color, I suppose.
  • Seven Minutes in Heaven with an enraged baboon.
  • Locked in a refrigerator like Punky Brewster.
  • Placed in a shopping cart and pushed down a big hill.
  • If a woman has an abortion, then every time she gets in an elevator thereafter, a kid will press all the buttons.
  • Chain gang.
  • What if a man just called her a whore and punched her for a while?
  • Twitter sicced on her.
  • Forced to become a Mets fan.
  • Stabbed to death to preserve the family’s honor.


  1. Why do we need to wait for Allfather? Cram this shit thru, and tie it to appropriations somehow…

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