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Prince Lives; Prince Live

A video and two links; the video is bound to vanish soon, so sample it: it’s a teaser to this full stream of 8/19/88 at the Trojan Horse Club in Amsterdam Rotterdam, and a very nice person named Aikon in the Comment Section brought it to our attention. For his contributions, he has won COTD and a lifetime supply of Ninja Be Gone. You know their slogan: “Say our name carefully!”

(You should listen to this. Prince jams. It’s an after-hours show–Prince never slept–with the Lovesexy band, and they’re complete ringers: Sheila E, and the guy in the surgical scrubs on keyboard, and a bunch of other killers.)

As I’ve mentioned, Prince hated YouTube as much as he hated shopping for clothes at Target. (Try to picture Prince in jeans and a t-shirt. Can’t do it, can you?) Luckily in this case, other countries don’t give much of a damn about American copyright laws, so little shady Portuguese-language video sharing sites are free to host things like this.

Before the 2007 Super Bowl, Prince was scheduled to do a press conference and, naturally, refused to do anything so mundane; instead, he put two supermodel twins in the smallest dresses on earth and played Chuck Berry tunes at the gathered reporters. Playing Chuck Berry tunes at someone is perhaps the nicest way of telling them their questions are beneath you.


  1. Wonderful, thanks!

  2. Did anyone grab this? I can’t download it. Little help?

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