IMG_1538Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Using my psychic powers. There’s a couple of fuckers out there who won’t shut up during the quiet tunes and I’m scanning ’em.”

Like in Scanners?

“Just like that.”

You and Michael Ironside should do a cop show.

“I would be open to that, but first I need to concentrate and put the ol’ whammo-jammo on these folks’ brains.”

“Heeee-NAAAAaaaaa. Wobbawobbawobbawobba SHMUNT! Meesh meesh meesh.”


“Hiphiphiphiphiphip. Badombidum. Oh. Oh, oh, oh. BABAYAGA.”

Are those your telepath noises?

“These are the noises the elders taught me.”

Jesus, it’s getting weird around here.