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Respected and revered commentator Corry342 (proprietor of Lost Live Dead* and Hooterollin’, two of the greatest Dead sites on the Innertubes) points us to the San Francisco Chronicle’s slideshow of 9/28/75, and you need to check it out.

The show was a double, the Dead and Jefferson Airplane, but no recording of the Airplane exists and only a few pictures. Nowadays, of course, there would be reams of shots, too many to wade through, but it was a different time.

Saigon had fallen less than six months earlier.

lindley officersAccording to legend, the band was all hepped up on lysergic goofballs, but does this look like the face of a guy tripping his balls off?

bobby acid lindley

*Go check out Lost Live Dead and read the brand-spanking new goodness about the ’76 Day on the Green with The Who. Seriously: go. His stuff’s better than mine.


  1. Ur fan fiction, he’s facts.

  2. Fuck yeah, I’ve been waiting for a new LLD post.

    Corry, you do the Lord’s work.

  3. – In 1975, “Jerry Garcia and Friends” played a free concert at Lindley Meadows in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA, along with Jefferson Starship. While billed as “Jerry Garcia and Friends” it was the full Grateful Dead. Help > Slip opener, the first time Help on the Way was played in public. It was played at the Great American Music Hall show on 13 August 1975 but that was invitation only, and at the Bob Fried Memorial Boogie on 17 June 1975, but without vocals. It was also the only time Help > Slipknot did not segue into Franklin’s Tower (albeit sometimes via Drums) and yet Franklin’s was played. Notable Truckin’ > Eleven Jam > Drumz > King Solomon’s Marbles > Not Fade Away > GDTRFB. Phil responds to a repeated request for “Trucking” with, “The correct pronunciation is Truckin’!” Matt Kelly plays harmonica on Music Never Stopped and BIODTL. [30 Trips Around the Sun box]

  4. “We’d like it to be louder up here.”

  5. Daze on the Green? ya mean that show where Moon was asking for a “six pack” by his kit and the Who crew broke out laughing when Grahams’ people brought beer?

    “I say, mate, I was referrin to somefin a bit ‘arder, ya know, dey spect me to work ere taday.”

    He was well through the six fifths bourbon he really wanted by the time the Who’s set was over. Rock on, Keith….

  6. NoThoughtsOnDead

    August 8, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    Great slide show – thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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