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Psychosomatic For The People

I know how suggestible I am: if a doctor told me that the side effect of a medicine was growing a sixth finger, I would need to buy new gloves the next day. I believe everything I read, even the stuff that explicitly contradicts the other stuff. Especially the stuff that contradicts the other stuff, it seems. It’s a weakness, though one so constant that I’ve learned to avoid it.

So, why the hell did I just read an article on Morgellon’s disease?

So itchy. So very itchy.


  1. Have you dug for threads yet?

    Let us know what colors you find.

  2. I have yet another set of words I deem worthy of directing to you: do u got kik?

    (Not really curious as to whether or not you have a kik. I would, however, like to let you know that my Instagram account is @gratefuldeadpics and if you have an Instagram, feel free to follow. But take caution; sometimes on Saturday nights I post super dank memes and I don’t know your meme-handling capacity.)

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