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Put Me In, Coach

jerry softball tie dye

I just can’t see the man turning a double-play.  Now: sunflower seeds and a good piece of dugout chatter (hey batter, batter) was Garcia’s lifeblood, but he just couldn’t hit the curve.


  1. Is that Keith Godshaux in the batters box???

    • I can’t tell, even after saying “enhance” quite a few times, and out loud.

      • On reflection, I’m thinking, no. Jerry’s tie-dyed wife beater and tennis shoes are definitely pre-1970. Also, his glasses are a little more “Ben Franklin-like”. Also, HE’S OUTSIDE IN THE DAYTIME AND THERE’S NO CROWD AROUND…So I’m guessing maybe ’67 or ’68.

  2. Pretty sure that’s a Tusken Raider, unless my eyes deceive me.

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