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Put That Thing Away

phil old tongue scarf

Sadly, Phil is not being playful here: he’s exhibiting the first symptoms of tardive dyskinesia. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Leshes and their neighbors, the Moores.

Also, Americans need to stop dong this with their scarves. It is a ridiculous British affectation and it as unacceptable for a red-blooded American as calling your friends “mates” or pretending Kate Middleton is hot.


  1. Is this a Bobby/Beebs parallel?

    Also: Thanks, you’re going to shame me into not doing that with my scarf.

  2. I’m gonna assume the Bobby/Beebs is in reference to the last post, and: no. Wasn’t thinking of Bieber. I try not to ever do that.

    Re: the scarf. Good.

    • Hey, I’m the least fashionable guy I know. It just gets cold in Boston.

      Actually, Phil’s tongue made me think of Miley Cyrus for some terrible reason. Maybe Phil needs a young non-talent friend, too.

  3. Wow, he’s copying Miley Cyrus AND Paul Kantner.

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