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Puttin’ On The Ritz

Steven Adler never got any respect, but nothing Guns ‘n Roses did after they fired him was nearly as good: the Illusion records, the stadium tours, and certainly whatever Axl’s been doing the best decade or so. He was sloppy and loose with the beat and not technically impressive. He just knew how open to leave his hi-hat while he bashed away with his goofy grin.

Guns made one good record, Appetite, and Axl has inflicted himself upon us since; this doesn’t change the fact that they could flat-out play: check out this hour from 1988 at the Ritz in New York. They were the best band in the world that night (but you can skip Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, which is just as boring as the Dead’s version, but does feature call-and-response screeching).

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  1. Is Steven Adler the drummer for this cash cow reunion? He better be and as should Izzy. No Gilby and Sorum. No Buckethead or Bumblefoot.either as well. What’s Tommy Stinson(the longest tenured member of Guns at this point) going to play? Percussion?

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