CE_tkCTVIAA8-KY“Godammit, Don Was: we don’t have enough musicians onstage to summon the Beast of Al’StA’Jmm – um, I mean, uh, really rock. That’s what I meant. Said. That’s what I said.”

“Bob, is all of this rigamarole just a ploy to command a demon to do your bidding?



“Not a demon. Demigod.”

“For Christ’s sake, Bob.”

“Hey, it’s not too late to get Paul Shaffer to lead the band. He owes me a favor.”

“I’ll get some more drummers.”

“Plus around five more backup singers. And, Don: it would totally be racist to say ‘Get big fat black ladies,’ so I won’t say it.”


“I’ll text it to you.”

“Thanks, Bobby.”