billy mickey recent“Mickey, how are ya, brother?”

“Good, Bill.”

“You got a shovel?”

“Aw, ya killed Benjy already?”

“Little bit.”


“He mad-dogged me?”

“He mad-dogged ya, Bill?”

“What I said.”

“Then, you was in the right.”

“I had the full weight and backing of both God’s and man’s law behind me.”

“Essence o’ fuckin’ freedom right there, friend. Some Jewboy gonna mad-dog you, ‘spect ta walk away, see his Jew fambly?”

“That must be duck shit right there, cuz it can go take a flying fuck, y’unnerstand?”

“Are we Southern or Old Western?”

“Don’t rightly know, cuz.”

“You did kill Benjy, though?”

“I did, yes.”