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Rabbit Weirs

bobby bunny ears

You love Easter.

“I do, yeah. Favorite holiday. Love the egg hunt.”

That a big thing at Casa Bobby?

“Oh, sure. Girls love it. Gotta use painted rocks instead of eggs cuz Lillian Monster will start protesting.”

Sounds right.

“Chocolate bunnies.”

Eh. Better in theory.

“Well, you’re getting normal-person chocolate bunnies. Rock star bunnies are solid.”

Chocolate all the way through?


My God.

“Easter scotch.”

I don’t think that’s a thing.

“Oh, yeah. Sure it is. Jesus metaphor. The barley or rye or whatever the hell they make scotch out of dies, and then returns as a fine single-malt with an unpronounceable name.”

That makes as much sense as the actual story.

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  1. Happy Hoppy Easter so the ‘new rising’ is Dead and Company ? We the Deadhead, Dead, Ratdog Furthur and Midnight fans that are mobile have to know…..where is the miracle ? Ah we love you we will find a way. THANKS HAPPY EASTER OO

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