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Radio, Radio

Big thanks obviously go out to Mr. David Gans, his producer Andrew, and everyone else at GD Radio and Sirius for having me on and letting me blather.

If you’d like to call in and talk about how much I mean to your life and daydreams you have involving my success, the number is 877-767-DEAD


  1. OH MY GOD MY MOM WAS LIKE “Did you hear about that guy’s blog? It sounds pretty cool!” And I was like, “Sure does!” and I looked away in fear of her finding out the crazy shit I’ve said on here



  3. Maggie is about to blow you up brah

  4. Just signed up for my free trial, turned on Channel 23, and there was the beginning of the show. Clearly not live, but just exactly perfect.

    The Dead personas you’ve created being akin to the Harlem Globetrotters that meet Scooby Doo is one of your more brilliant lines.

  5. Is it bad that when someone says Kunta, this what I think of?

  6. Personally, I feel like David said the word “snarky” too much and didn’t say “the reason why we can’t have nice things” nearly enough.

  7. A)Gans seems to have a particular disdain (and lightning-fast “call disconnect finger”) for any mention of nocturnal emissions involving ToTD on his satellite radio show(no confirmation on this, just a gut feeling: but I’m almost positive Lambert gets off on it and likely wants to dedicate untold hours of show segments to exactly this). B) I’ve already been sharing my affections for all things ToTD via graffiti.

  8. Rick on the Dead – That interview was not good. Why was snarky the only descriptor Gans could think of? How about wickedly clever, irreverent, and sometimes offensive to even the most tolerant of readers. Also occasionally funny as the planet Hell. No questions about how you find the photos? No knowing conversation about recurring themes like dick punching, time travel, Big-Dicked Sheila, full muppet, potato salad, and stone cold teen foxes? It was lame with a capital L-A-M-E, I tell you. Probably on purpose. But you weathered it fine and moved on immediately, which did save some dignity. Stay underground, brother. It was a conspiracy and you almost fell for it.

  9. Oh, I have been blocked? Good. I deserve it.

  10. I have it on good word that members of the band have read (still read?) your blog.

  11. I have it on good word that band members have read (still read?) your blog.

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