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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Rando, Randas, Randat, Randamus, Randatis, Randant

jerry bw bald rando

What is it, Rando Night?

“You’re doing this to me, man; not the other way around.”

Oh, right. Great jacket.

“It’s warm.”

Where’d you get it?

“Drug dealer gave it to me.”

Drug dealers give you a lot of stuff.

“But never enough, right?”

Nope. Who is this rando?

“He’s a rando.”

What’s he doing?




  1. Mild-Mannered Enthusiast

    May 10, 2016 at 10:49 am

    That Rando is Michael Tearson, the founding DJ of Philly’s original FM rock station, WMMR. He used to host a weekly show he called “Psychedelic Psupper” and was an early East Coast proponent of our favorite semi-defunct choogly-type band.

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