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Random Responses From Steve Parish’s Reddit AMA

  • Keith’s was the biggest, but Ramrod got that name for a reason.
  • Nah, fuck expiration dates; that’s just Big Dairy trying to squeeze an extra dollar out of you.
  • We don’t speak any more.
  • Wally knows what he did.
  • One finger is cool, but any more than that and you’re gay.
  • Gropius? Fuckin’ Gropius? Gropius couldn’t wipe Mies van der Rohe’s ass after Taco Tuesday.
  • Okay, yeah, I’ll give you the couch; Gropius could design the fuck out of a couch.
  • I’m talking big picture here, man.
  • I never punched anyone, cuz you could break your knuckle on someone’s jaw real easy, man; what I did was the old-school Bunny Foo Foo head bop: closed fist WHOMP right on the crown of the skull.
  • On tour, we used to hide a toy in the cereal box for Bobby to find, because he’d be a nightmare all day if he didn’t.
  • We were brothers, man, we were brothers and one of the things about being a brother is treating your sisters like shit.
  • Of course I would ride a unicorn, man.
  • There was nothing underneath Brent’s beard.
  • Just a void.
  • If you stared into it for more than a second, you’d wander around fucked-up for a week or so.
  • Number one rule to being a roadie is to wear a vest; after that, you know, you gotta set the equipment up and whatever.
  • I never saw TC naked, but he offered quite a bit.


Go check it out, unless you’re allergic to Reddit, which is an excellent choice.


  1. phew, glad to see I’m okay on the finger thing

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