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(Rat) Doggonnit

bobby ratdog shorts sandalsI’m sure I’ll get into this, but Bobby might be indulging John Mayer’s man-crush and tricking Mickey into going to a tour this fall, and they’ve been jamming. This was in Billboard about it:

“It sounds like Ratdog, the sequel,” referring to Weir’s longtime side-project.

That’s Ratdog, above. Does that need a sequel? Or, the cleansing scourge of flame?


  1. Flame. And you can start with the bass drum. Politics – any politics – in music is a total buzz kill. Shut up and play yer guitar.

  2. Is that sax players in general?, or ones who play in dead related choogly bands…….cuz King Curtis live at the Fillmore is pure sweetness.

  3. White guy sax players. White guys have to do other stuff; they’re terrible at standing there.

    Black guys can just stand there and kill it, but white guys always feel the need to be doing things, which leads to tambourine playing.

    I also feel like white sax players have terrible hair instincts. Provide your own examples here.

    • I agree, can’t provide a link but there’s a video on YouTube of Pete Townshend covering The Beat’s “save it for later”, and the sax player needs a good old Bill Kreutzmann special. Smooth jazz, Mullett rocking mofo….

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