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Rat In A (Beverly Hills) Drain Ditch

Wait, does this mean that the rest of the tour isn’t going to be webcasted? Even this league can’t be this bush.

Also, as long as we’re asking questions, here’s a good one: precisely what value does Brett Ratner bring to the table? Someone in the Dead Or What’s Left Of ‘Em should look into this, and I’ll await the reply: What are you paying Brett Ratner? vs. How many people will tune in because of Brett Ratner?

It’s just a band, and not even that anymore. Little bit of choogly-type music to get you through your day: the Dead never actually, you know, mattered. This certainly shouldn’t.

It shouldn’t matter at all that it’s turned into Hollywood bullshit, and mediocre Hollywood bullshit at that.


  1. I finally felt compelled to look up Mr Ratner. I discovered that he is a business partner of Australian pariah, gambling boss and billionaire James Packer.

    When we asked ourselves, “Where will all this end up?” we never suspected it would be somewhere like this.

    Perhaps Ratner’s lost father is Ron Rakow?

  2. Maybe the whole tour will play out like a predictable hollywood Love Story..

    Lovers fall in Love with something new and young and shiny, plays a mean guitar, drives a space bus, expensive clothes, cologne.

    They feel the old relationship is old and want to move on. They split up and go away for a month with the new flame.

    Once they are really living with the “new guy” the shine wears off, and they realize what they had and lost. He farts, he is constantly having his hair done, he is an asshole when he is coked up, and he is always coked up. He watches porn on his phone on the bus.

    It all comes to a head when Billy punches a coked up movie producer for not turning off his cell phone in a meeting, and in the ensuing melee of old rockers with bad haircuts, vs young rockers with good haircuts, Mickey and Bobby find they are naturally drawn to fight together with Billy against these coked up assholes.

    Lying on the floor after the fight they say to each other..

    “I thought you where an asshole when you where on coke, but these guys showed me what an asshole really is.”

    and so on…

    Then they kiss, and call Phil to apologize.

  3. Did you really expect the Dead to team up with respectable well thought of people? This is the same band that had Mickey’s dad run off with all their money and let aunts and relatives run the operation for decades. I expect nothing less. In fact if Don King does not come out to promote these shows I;ll be disappointed.

  4. Hollywood is everywhere you go
    Move on in before you lose your glow
    Always first in line when you’re the show
    Trick or treat got nothing to compare
    Million-dollar daydreams end up there

  5. It shouldn’t matter, but it still aches a bit to have it be this tawdry and corny.

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