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Reach Down, Between My Seat


There’s an adorable part of this picture, Enthusiasts, I swear. It’s not the platform clodhoppers, and it is not the always vaguely-Satanic Alex, and it certainly isn’t the pistols lying around for no good reason. (Seriously: those little tables are made of lacquered pressboard; they’re slippery, and so if the bus brakes suddenly, then now you have flying guns. Flying guns do no one any good, Van Halen. Holster those weapons.)

See it yet? It’s cute, I promise.

See it?

Right before the picture, David Lee Roth made fun of Michael Anthony for drinking a soda, and told him to drink a beer like a Rock Star, and so Michael Anthony put his Pepsi under the seat and popped open a Colt 45. Told you: adorable.


  1. Luther Von Baconson

    December 2, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    a visual delight. short ass Colt 45s in Europe? a Revel Baron Von Richthofen Fokker?

    man being on the bus with those guys must’ve been excruciating…..but fun for the first day at least.

  2. It’s time to play everyone’s favorite game; Spot the Heinie.

  3. whoops, i meant to hide it on the floor like Mikey.

  4. So this isn’t about drummers wearing their own bands’ shirts?

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