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Ready, Set-Up, Go




“Which part?”

All of it.

“Drummers wanted to be up front.”

Why did you let them?

“Why would I care? They wanna set up in the bathroom, I’ll set ’em up in the bathroom.”

What about Phil?

“What about him?”

Why is he all the way in the back?

“He was feeling anti-social today.”

Sure. Precarious?


Is there any security at all?

“Now there is. Shitloads of it.”

What about in 1970 when the picture was taken?

“Yeah, no. No security at all. Concept didn’t exist. You hoped that the kids were too fucked up to riot, and the road crew punched stagehoppers. That was it.”

The good old days.

“The old days.”


  1. Interesting drum head art, seemingly…um…political.

    • From what I’ve read, that was a reaction to the Kent State scenarios/college unrest circa early May, 1970…and it was Bobbert J Weir’s actual silkscreening on them there drumheads.

  2. You may have already noticed that Pig is shirt buddies with the Phil and Billy from the previous post.

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