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Reasons Dead & Company Is Not Playing South Florida

  • Too hot.
  • Too far.
  • Jeff Chimenti’s got warrants, man.
  • Not enough titties and cocaine in South Florida.
  • Gotta go through North Florida to get to it.
  • Zika.
  • Because it is a silly place.
  • Mickey’s not allowed around gators any more. (FUN FACT: dosing alligators is not a great idea.)
  • At the meeting when they were putting together the schedule, Bobby said, “Josh, if we go to Miami, are you going to be ridiculous?” and Josh was already wearing a Speedo and pricing artisanal jet-skis on his phone, so Bobby ixnayed the stop.
  • Just to fuck with me.


  1. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Macine

    December 10, 2016 at 9:29 am

    On map, draw lines between those cities, in tour order – surprise!

  2. All states won by Trump should be skipped with extreme prejudice

  3. Because south FL lacks dead heads it’s all northeast and west coast

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