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Reasons Why Bobby’s New Song “Only A River” Is Properly Classified As A Cowboy Song

  • The dustiness of the verse.
  • The high, lonesome chorus.
  • Larry McMurtry wrote the bridge.
  • Bobby recorded the vocal atop a horse. (Not a real horse: Bobby slapped a saddle on Precarious.)
  • Heyday of Only A River brought to a close by the invention of barbed wire, and the Range Wars.
  • Hasn’t been in the Super Bowl since 1995.
  • I said so.
  • The song is on what Bobby has been referring to as his “Cowboy Album” for a decade now; ipso facto: cowboy song.
  • Hat.

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  1. Nice tune. A confused geography only a Grateful Dead or a Deadhead could come up with. I hope the album has a companion trucker song about Route 77.

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