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Recent Salon Headlines

  • “White People’s Fault: Everything? Or Just Almost Everything?”
  • “Why ‘Prayers’ in ‘Our Thoughts and Prayers’ means ‘Christian prayers’: The Imperialism of Condolences.”
  • “Ted Cruz’ Speech About the Bombing was Worse Than the Actual Bombing.”
  • “And So Was Hillary’s, but Bernie Still Can’t Win.”
  • “Who’s Really the Terrorist, the Bomber or the Bombed?”
  • “Waffles are Cultural Appropriation: The Movement to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction IHOP.”
  • “Posting a Picture of Tintin Makes you Worse than David Duke.”
  • “Let’s Discuss Infanticide Reasonably.”
  • “Heterosexuals are Less Moral than Homosexuals, Who are Not as Good as Transgendered Heroes.”
  • “Jackée Robinson: Why it’s Time for a Female Major League Baseball Player.”


  1. They banned a long running free yoga class at my Alma Mater due to cultural appropriation issues. The St.Paddy’s day festivities are still a go though.

  2. oh yeah, Salon.

    I started commenting there in 2007, I think it was…maybe 2006.

    About four days in, I had to say it:

    “You People! Rush Limbaugh talked about people like this, but I didn’t believe him!!!”

    So I tried to warn Salon. But they’re still at it. And the rest of us see how that’s worked out for political discourse in this country.

    Stuck around until Glenn Greenwald bailed on them, or they bailed on him, or something. (Old UT hand here.) Right about then, they went to Faciebook or some bullshit for their comments, or my ancient OS ran aground, and I couldn’t even load comments- 9 times out of 10 the core of any Internet news aggregator/op-ed site- and now presumably my post archive drifts adrift adrift, somewhere in the Cloud.

    But the cabdriver shall return some day, to claim his content.

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