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Show of the Day Let’s go with 4/22/78 from Nashville, recently released as Dave’s Picks 15, but still up on the Archive. It’s bouncy and coked-up with a great Estimated>Eyes and one of the 20-minute full-band Drums that typifies this tour.

Non-Dead Show of the Day Stevie Wonder from the Beat Club in 1973. You know how good you already think it is? It’s so much better. Plus, Stevie’s drummer is funky as hell and possibly the coolest human on the planet. He was definitely the coolest guy in Germany while he was there.

Grammy Winner of the Day All of us who got to see that Demi Lovato performance. Do you know that she has poor self-esteem about her body? Same problems as Nina Simone.

Granny Winner of the Day Judi Finkelstein of Delray Beach, FL, who took the prize in her development’s Ladies-Only Pickleball Championships. Congrats, Judi.

Grateful Dead of the Day Well, it’s T-Shirt Tuesday, and Mickey is the King of T-Shirt Tuesday, so there you go.

Movie of the Day Hail, Caesar, which I’m going to see with Cousin of Thoughts on the Dead. (CoTotD.)

Pasta of the Day Rigatoni.


  1. Curious what you think of Caesar. Saw it Sunday

    That early 70s Stevie is IT

  2. rumored appearance by semi-choogly band on the Tonight Show, Thursday Feb 18 2016.

    rumor source: Jimmy Fallon

  3. Don’t miss the most important thing. Rigatoni sounds so good.

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    February 16, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    a lot of ticket chatter in that group, constant re-hashing of ticket scenarios during tuning breaks. gives me a funny feeling in my stomach, like sitting in the back seat going over bumps.

  5. Dude..

    If you mention pasta again I am going to have to call my sponsor and get to a PA meeting.

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