Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Rejected Dead-Related Buzzfeed Posts

  • 18 Supernatural GIFs that Sum Up How You Feel About Peter Shapiro.
  • 21 Times Black Twitter Was Thirsty For Keith.
  • Which Grateful Dead’s Police Record Are You? Take This Quiz!
  • 16 Times Phil Was Living His Best Life.
  • This Instagram From Mickey Is Better Than Getting Blown By The Pope (Not The New, Cool Pope Who Seems Straight; Talking About The Scary Gay One That Quit.)
  • 12 Times Garcia Was Epic.
  • 10 Times Bobby Was Epic.
  • 14 Times Epic Epic Epic.
  • 24 Times Benjy Won The Internet.
  • What Do They Look Like Now: TC Edition!


  1. A tattoo of mine was featured on a Buzzfeed article earlier today and I was initially excited but then it just felt dirty.

  2. My god! The time sheath worked so much better for Phil than TC.

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