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Remember When

billy 1965 2Hey, Lil’ Billy.

“Don’t call me that.”

Nice turtleneck.

“Nice turtledick.”

So, you’re crotchety today, huh?

“Ah, you know: remembering stuff.”

Memorial Day, yeah. Soldiers.

“Nah, fuck them. I just remembered $50 that Mickey owes me from 1981.”

Isn’t it 1965 in this photo?

“What part of ‘everything exists simultaneously’ is so tough to understand?”

Quite a bit of it, honestly.

“It’s 90% just going with the flow, man.”

Okay. Billy?


Great hair.

“Fuck off.”


  1. Any idea where this shot was taken? just curious

    • Somewhere in West Germany.

    • Somewhere in West Germany.

      Oops. This was somewhere in Northern California.

    • The “pre-deviant” look being discussed would soon disappear without a trace. At the time of this photo, Billy had yet to begin the most important undertaking of his life: his apprenticeship with Sensai NeuterKnuckles, Universal Master of Dick Punching. Right? Now it makes sense, doesn’t it?

    • Not to inject a note of seriousness, but the photo would have been taken at the In Room in Belmont around September 1965 (the 800 block of Old County Road, near El Camino Real, if you want to GoogleMap–now a parking lot). There are a number of other shots from these sessions. It had to be taken in the afternoon, with the lights on, because the bar was dimly lit for performance.

      • First off: if any info in the Dead world can be trusted, it is from this source, Enthusiasts. Go visit this man’s wonderful, informative, entertaining, insightful, and award-winning site. (I gave him the award, but it counts.)

        Second: yeah, there are bunch of other photos and they are just adorably young. They’re around here someplace…

      • Thanks for the info, great sight by the way

  2. pre-deviant it is!!

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