“Sammy, I got an idea.”

“Is it a party? You know I love partying.”

“You’ve made that clear, Sam.”


“Not a party. Why don’t we have a Guns ‘n Roses reunion? Play some more football stadiums.”

“Bob, we can’t have a Guns ‘n Roses reunion.”

“Sure we can. You got curly hair. Top hats can’t be that expensive.”

“I don’t even know where this is coming from.”

“How about a Van Halen reunion? You and me.”

“Sammy Hagar and Bob Weir does not a Van Halen reunion make, man.”

“Michael Anthony’ll do it.”

“Of course Michael Anthony will do it. That’s besides the point. You were never in Van Halen.”

“I can do that tapping thing.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Well, I’m sure I could learn onstage over the course of several years. C’mon, Sam: you, me, Mike, and the guy from the Chili Peppers have a Van Halen Reunion.”

“Bob, you got a band. You got a big tour this summer.”

“Yeah, but that’s a new band. This summer is all about the reunions.”

“Yeah, all right, maybe. Let’s you and me get Montrose back together.”

“Well, you know, Sam: I got a big tour coming up.”

“I’m hurt, man.”