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Rhythm Dissection

billy mickey phil rocking

So many questions:

  • Why is Phil wearing hobo jeans?
  • Did Mickey wash the bowl his mother used to cut his hair before making his world-famous Micky-roni and cheese?
  • How bad should one feel about one’s life choices that it was so easy to recognize Parish by just his beefy forearm and the side of his afro?
  • Honestly: were these men sponsored by the naked scaffolding and hastily nailed-together plywood industries?
  • Is there anything symbolic about Phil not paying the slightest bit of attention to the drummers?
  • Did Billy and Mickey fuck with Phil by deliberately excluding him from group chats and trips to the food court by saying, “Sorry, Phil: mustaches only.”
  • Was Garcia allowed at mustache-only events? (Mickey said sure: beard contains mustache; Billy said no: beard supersedes and encompasses mustache. In the end, it didn’t matter because Garcia didn’t want to hang out with the drummers, anyway.)
  • Does Phil have to make pee-pee?


  1. Bigger is better. I used to have a rental in the mountains with an Altec Lansing Voice of The Theater P.A. as my living room setup. Two Crown 300’s. (Yes, the windows “flexed”) The conga line of “devices” all on a 16ch mixer (It was: “Old School”). That was the “Living Room” system. The good stuff was in the garage…

    Cows beware! Women swoon and let fly the jib! Arrgh.

    Can’t do that crazy stuff now that I’m a “Townie.”

  2. Hey, since nobody else is saying anything here and all that crap…

  3. All your questions have but a single answer, good sir. The Grateful Dead never claimed to have a “SHOW”. If they had, we’d all still be demanding our money back in every court in the country.

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