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Ribbon For Your Hair #6

band young rifkin

The 60’s: a time when it was perfectly acceptable for the white guy to have the biggest afro.


  1. Looks like they just got bailed out after the famous 710 Ashbury bust. In an odd bit of synchronicity, the SF Chronicle has an article today about its coverage of that bust:

    Many more pictures … Rifkin’s wearing the same clothes, but maybe that’s all he had.

    • Was that from today?! I not two hours ago stole a mess of pictures from that slideshow and was going to do a post about it today.

      Strange things are afoot, my well-educated friend. gather your family and lock the basement door. Make sure you and your family are on opposite sides of that door, because those people are the worst.

      • I’m guessing the woman with the shorter afro might be the one alluded to in “Easy Wind”: “I been ballin’ a shiny black steel jackhammer, been chippin’ up rocks for the Great Highway…” Pigpen’s pre-Janis girlfriend?

        • Thank you for starting my day off by (inadvertantly, I’m sure) reminding me of my wrongness…

          I’m always bitching about how modern songs have lost the art of metaphor; the Dead relauyed their messages through allusion, dammit!

          But I’d always assumed that Pig was actually talking about a real piece of street-construction equipment.

  2. powerful and intelligent analysis by all, plus a little bit of luck/good messages in entrails/magic 8 ball.

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