danny rifkin 72



“You missed it. I found my bae. He this little Jewboy. I love him.”

“You playin’.”

“He says the white barbers don’t know how to cut his hair so he came up in here. I took care of him. I was slopping my titties all over his head, massaging his shit. Already made a follow-up appointment.”

“How Jewish is he? Hat?”

“No hat. The nose, the beard, he don’t shut the fuck up: Jewboy. Thass my bae.”

“A forbidden romance.”

“Shlomo and Juliet.”

“He can get it?”

“And twice on Sunday. Gonna make him buy me some latkes and then sit on his face.”


“Haircut’s all finished up, Reverend Washington.

“Well, I never! HARRUMPH!”