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Road Manager

Other people donated to charity, or lobbied for America to take some refugees, or simply did nothing: Benjy bought himself some sort of Person-In-Charge costume and hopped on a plane.


(Benjy insisted upon addressing the refugees as “The Fugees” and absolutely no one got the reference.)

“Hearken unto me! I am Ben-Ji al-Billy! I am your leader! I have a backpack full of fruit roll-ups and Mike Gordon’s cell phone number: we can get through this!”

The Syrians spoke amongst themselves in Syrian.

“Hakka makka makka?”

“Hakka makka makka.”

“Hakka makka.”

“Billy’s Benjy?”

“Hakka makka makka.”


  1. I just woke up an entire cottage full of sleepers with the sounds of my laughter. This one’s going on the fridge!

  2. i didn’t even have to click on it on twitter i knew it was da benj

  3. Congrats to Benoit, the new global ambassador of gluten-free fruit roll-ups.

  4. I come from a culture that labels residents of low cost Housing Commission residences “housies”.

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