It’s ’74: there’s no internet or reliable way to get any sort of news about your favorite popular group. There was the hip radio station, and Rolling Stone and Creem (who didn’t cover the Dead, anyway) and the guys who hung around the record store.  No forums, livestreaming, whatever-the-fuck-else that people are talking about that confuses and frightens me: you were walking into the show blind. Perhaps you had heard something about a new PA system, a big one.

And you walk in and see this:

wos winterland

Would your fight-or-flight response kick in? That thing clearly doesn’t belong here, in this dimension. Should you run headlong at it and make a last stand? Welcome our new amplifier overlords? If you were a cyborg, would it give you a boner? If you were a boner, would it give you a cyborg?

Stop talking.