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I’d not seen this shot before. The other more famous and widely-circulated frames from this roll of film, yes, but not this one. Any day, any day at all, you could wake up and meet your true love, or step in front of a Honda, or you might see a picture of the Grateful Dead you’d not before.

There’s always a reason to wake up.


Get out of the picture, Rock.


Spot the Heineken(s).


  1. Garcia is wearing the jacket the SF Giants gave him when he sang the National Anthem 10 years later.

  2. Always wondered where and when this is from.

    We can guess it’s latter ’79 or later…I’d guess its fairly near San Rafael or Right Across The Street from where the band was ACTUALLY staying on a tour stop.

    Underrated: Bob’s wallaby shoes
    Overrated: the $12/nite rate

    • Vegas, no? The Oasis? (Memory here, no google.)

      • Litchfield’s Motel aka the Bermuda Palms is on Francisco Blvd E., which is a service road of CA Highway 101 in San Rafael, a long-standing highly-visible landmark. Front Street aka Club Le Front, the Dead’s rehearsal/studio is stumbling distance from this spot. At the time this photo shoot took place, the area was not unlike that depicted in the cartoon that graces the cover of ‘Shakedown Street.’ Phil’s restaurant ‘Terrapin Crossroads’ is not far from here.

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