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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Rock, Unsteady

Get out of the picture, Rock.


Get out of the picture, Rock.


  1. This is the little space under the theatre stage from whence directors can whisper lines to forgetful thespians. Rock has just come up with the idea that he will stay down there during the show and smoke Persian and whisper the words to “High Time” to Garcia when he inevitably muffs them on the very first verse. The clever enthusiast may have already spotted the problem with this plan.

    The truly obsessive enthusiast will be forever tortured by the unanswered question of whether that is a foam mic windscreen, or the pate of Miles Davis at bottom right.

  2. Anyone have a guess as to WHERE and or WHEN this photo is from?

    Scully’s narrow tie says early 80’s…I’ll guess Fall ’80 acoustic sets (Warfield/NO/RCMH) or on either of the Europe ’81 runs.

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