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Rocks, Off

band onstage red rocks 2 7:7:78

Look at this bullshit. Look at all this bullshit. I’ve been sitting here giggling at it for five minutes. Everything is off-kilter and askew: nothing kilters and there is no skew. Not one skew. To paraphrase Ghostbusters: no human would set up a rock band like this.

The Dead’s crew took “Just put that anywhere” as a dare.

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  1. and only one rug. good christ, phil’s shit takes up the entire other side as well
    almost as huge so are jerrys and bobbys speakers
    and then right down next to keith is that his shit? Cause those two in back right have to be phils.
    I cannot let my wife see this. She is absolutely forbidden to ever stack things or even think of stacking. This would ruin her forever.
    and this is almost a clusterfuck.

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