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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Round, Questions

What is this? Anyone? Wedding? Funeral? Outdoor bris? Is that whatsherface? The meaner of the latter-day wives? Did Garcia set the fountain on fire accidentally?

Please help.


  1. Graceland?

  2. Birmingham, the next to shows, were the last time I saw Jerry play. I lived in Jasper AL at the time, (Hway 78 from Memphis to Bham runs through Jasper. My home town was flooded with LSD prior to the caravan of Deadheads passing through. Alot of people bought doses at the local Walmart parking lot prior to the Bham shows.

  3. I use prior wrong all the time.

  4. Very rare sighting of a non Dead related shirt wearing Mickey (is that Mickey?).

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