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Row Jimi

Bobby, stop this.

“Don’t tell me who to be best friends with.”

These are manipulated photos that do not reflect reality.

“Reality is so often pliable.”

It’s truly not.

“This picture is from, uh, right before our first tour.”


“The Jimi and Bobby Best Friends Experience.”

Stop it.

“We’re opening for the Monkees. I’m, uh, surprised you haven’t heard of this. Famous rock and roll moment.”

Yes, it was, but you weren’t part of it.

“Those teens didn’t know what we were laying down. Monkees were real decent guys, though. Peter Tork let me try on his hat.”

None of this happened.

“Gotta tell ya: it was weird getting someone else’s leftovers in the Hostility Suite. Didn’t much care for it.”

I need you to stop telling these lies.

“Is this because Jimi’s black?”

No! It has nothing to do with that!

“Those exclamation points say different.”

I can’t do this any more.

“No one asked you to.”



  1. Spencer !!!!!
    Spencer !!!!!
    Spencer !!!!!

  2. Maybe Bobby’s mother was part of the Daughters of the American Revolution that allegedly demanded Jimi be thrown off of the tour. Must have been a major downer to go from being the toast of Monterey to be the opening act for The Monkees because the ex-MI6 manager Mike Jeffery thought it would get you the right exposure. Mike Jeffery later disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle and has never been heard from ever again. Maybe he met the Voodoo Child. Who were the WMCA Good Boys?

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    November 29, 2017 at 10:51 am

    “actually, the Beatles were there. they went out for Sashimi and Poached Chicken Breasts with Jimi & I.”

    (Stellar Work Spencer)

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