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I’m sure I speak for all true Enthusiasts when I send my best wishes to John Perry Barlow, who is well enough to get thrown out of the hospital for smuggling his pistols in, and then firing them off to make a point to his doctor.

“But, these are my recuperatin’ six-shooters,” John Perry Barlow explained, but he still had to go home.

He also, while in the hospital, acquired a scarf.

Walk it off, John Perry Barlow: you are a genuine American crazy person, and thus made of stern and leathery stuff.


  1. My dad’s in the hospital right now too, except he’s not a “cyber libertarian.” Whatever that means.

    • White guys who like pot and assault rifles.

      Thinking about your dad.

      • and the internet! Positive thoughts for your dad.

        Also—hospital schmospital! Right there, in that picture, he looks better and more vital and rugged than I am or will ever be.

      • Thanks to you both! Yeah, he unknowingly had a small stroke on Monday and drove and checked himself into the hospital yesterday. Dude’s a badass. So I wore my Dead shirt when I visited him today. 😉

  2. Robin Russell

    May 30, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Barlow has been struggling with his back and various complications and illnesses for a long time. He is indeed a pretty tough nut, and his spirit in the face of these troubles is admirable.

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