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07-07-15Posted in News by Sara“Oh, you did? You brought your harmonicas?”

“The plural is harmonicae, and: yeah. Plus the–”

“Bandolier things.”

“–harmonicassock, so if you need–”


“–me to play in any key at all–”

“John, do you call that thing a harmonicassock?”

“Yeah. That’s its name.”


“So, you know: I’ll be around for Spoonful or Miracle or whatever. You know there’s never been a Dark Star with a harmonica solo?”

“Imagine that.”

“You just gimme the nod.”

“Dude, in no way am I allowed to invite buddies up to jam.”

“I won’t tell Mike.”

“It’s not about that.”

“Okay, whatever: just know that I’m ready. I need 40 glasses of water to dunk my harmonicae in.”



“Craft services is that way.”

“Lovely to see you again, Treyvon.”

“As always, Jonnifer.”


  1. Notice John Mayer lurking in the background.

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