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Saint Misbehaving

art jerry saintNot only is this Terrible Dead Art, but Garcia would have hated this bullshit and you know it. Don’t do this.

He was a man, and a deeply flawed one at that: he liked steak sandwiches, blowjobs, and playing  guitar. Also, heroin and unintentional (yet easily-avoided) arson.

He was kind and generous and compassionate, and sometimes he would have Parish hit people.

He was a benevolent presence and compellingly positive; he was maddeningly passive-aggressive.

There were more successes than can be listed; more failings than should be.

Always remember that the first part of making a saint is killing a man.


  1. Blowjobs? Really? Where do you cull the data on that? I would like further elaboration on this. Who blew him? When did they blow him? How often was he blown? Et cetera.

    • Two types of Enhusiasts: those that want to picture Garcia getting a hummer, and those that don’t.

      • Relegate me to the perverted if you must, but I have mostly pictured our saint Jerome as more of a celibate. When you do 100 days a year on the road, up to your eyes in Persian exports and cheeseburgers and ben & Jerry’s, I just assume there’s no room for blowjobs. The evidence that he ever had coitus, when I see it, causes me to marvel. It adds to the mystique.

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