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Same As It Ever Was

“Hey, Bill?”

“What’s shakin’, Bobby?”

“Why am I playing guitar on your book tour?”

“Cuz you’re my guy!”

“And for that matter: why is anyone playing guitar on a book tour? You have an odd definition of ‘book tour,’ Bill.”

“Well, it turns out that most people don’t wanna hear me talk for an hour. And nobody wants to hear Benjy talk at all.”


“So, I been improvising. In LA, I had Benjy tweet out a request for a drum set and played that for a while. Gonna jam with you and sign some books here.”

“What’s next, man?”

“Going to Portland, getting a dirt bike, and attempting to leap two dozen tatted-up junkie strippers with grad degrees. Then, signing books.”

“Can I come?”

“You really need to get out of that house, dontcha, Bob?”

“You have no idea.”


“Sure, Bob?”

“Am I getting paid for this?”

“Fuck, no.”



  1. bobby ending a conversation with “ah” is as hilarious as garcia ending with “sure”

    it’s the little things

  2. Before Bobby took the stage at the book signing, he sat at a table outside drinking beer and watching the Warriors game with my son who was so into the game never realized who was sitting with him til the guy disappeared and ended up on stage. In the process of making my son flash cards to identify band members. Got any photo suggestions?

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