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Sammy Hagar Is Now A Grateful Dead

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.12.32 AM
React in any way you wish; it is a fact.

Also: listen to Bostrowsky, Shakedown420. He is wise.


  1. There will be a discussion about Sammy at the band meeting.

  2. At first when I watched, it was blurry and I was like, who’s that curly-headed fuck? Then, I realized it was Sammy Hagar

  3. Played with all the mediocrity of a bar cover band

  4. They had a live stream planned.

    Then, Sammy showed up.

    Everyone was like.. Fuck you Bob, he is your friend, tell him no. No Loose Lucy.

    The Vibe was totally messed just by him being there, He knocked over Oteil’s Candle.
    Bobby was like.. it’s cool man, he’s cool, he will be cool, just let whatever happens happen, you know like a happening.

    Billy was like.. No this is not cool

    And Jeff just walked over and unplugged the streaming gear.

  5. There’s a list of links for streams here,

    The first mixir is up and running, I can’t tell if Sammy is still on stage – so that might be a good thing.

  6. wow. crowd banter is louder than the band playin at the fillmore. hate to say it but that can’t be the dead.

  7. I never in my wildest dreams thought that the title of this post would be even tangentially connected to reality.

  8. Can we all finally agree that Weir has been trolling us since last July?

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