Goddammit, Bobby: are you wearing white trousers after Labor Day?

“They were sold to me as an eggshell slack.”

What is going on here with the rando?

“Y’know, I haven’t actually seen a rando in years. My brain registers, like, a rando-shaped blur in reality. Mostly so I don’t bump into them, I guess. Otherwise? Zhwoop, out of there.”

Your brain is efficient.

“I don’t need to know, it don’t stick.”

Wow. Is she wearing a cape?

“I think she’s going to a press conference later.”


“I got this gig in the record store in a minute. Lemme meet you there. I gotta change.”

That’s polite of you, Bobby.

“You bet.”


This? This is what you changed into?

“You know I’m in Los Angeles, right?”


“Ask your watch what the temperature here is.”


“There you go.”